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Whats the best way to make your own AI Avatars?

 There are lots of ways you can go about generating custom AI Avatars.  One way is to provision or buy your own GPU server and follow some of the Stable Diffusion avatar articles and code samples on the web. There are tons of links pointing to Reddit r/stablediffusion and GitHub repositories.  But do you really want to deal with Jupyter notebooks and running Python code?  Its definitely up to you and I myself have tried plenty of those methods.  This is how you would generate the highest quality avatars because you can tune the model training and prompt the model to generate anything your heart desires.  But what's fun for me isn't really fun for everyone else. You probably just want a simple way to get your avatars without having to spend hours watching YouTube examples and understanding Python code.

Next are the AI Avatar Generation Apps, the Lensas, Facetunes, and AvatarAI.me.  They all work great, its simple, you just upload your pictures and sit back and wait for it to generate.  But you have no control over how the model is trained and the quality of the images.  Will they really make images that look like me?  So I decided to try out a few of these other avatar generators and find out.

Im using a consistent set of selfies that you see below to try out Facetune and Lensa to see how they compare.


 The first is Facetune and to put it simply, they don't look like me at all.  It did take them 30 minutes to generate these images though.  I asked for a refund, but their policy does not allow it, and they denied me.  This isnt how anythingyou.ai works which does give a refund in case the customer isn't happy.


 Next up is Lensa.  This service also took 30 minutes to generate my avatars and the results were better.

 Here's the best one from this batch of avatars from Lensa.


 This one is from Anythingyou.AI using the same selfie images.

 Just to give you an idea of the kind of avatars Anythingyou.AI generates, here's 6 more avatar images from the same batch.

anythingyou ai avatar anythingyou ai avatar
Anythingyou AI Avatar Anythingyou AI Avatar


When I was experimenting with Stable Diffusion, I realized that the shorter amount of time that I used to train the model, the less it looked like me.  I'm theorizing that the 30 minutes that the other apps use is detrimental to the avatar quality.  At Anythingyou.AI, we train each model for 2 hours.  Also it does look like Lensa is using lower quality GPUs, like a T4, since I did try that GPU and got Lensa like results.  At Anythingyou.AI we use Nvidia A10 GPUs which have higher memory capacity and allows Dreambooth/Stable Diffusion to build a better model.  It's more expensive and takes longer, but I think the results are worth it. 

Also, I really did not like the styles from Facetune and Lensa.  At Anythingyou.AI we actually let you download the model and generate your as many avatars as you want on your own PC. Sure, if you had the Stable Diffusion WebUI already installed on your PC, you could train your own model.  But it would be faster to train your model with Anythingyou.AI if you didnt have a top of the line desktop GPU card.

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